About the creator of the technique known as "sculpture painting"

Sculptural painting: decorative plaster, as well as all the necessary materials and tools for sculptural painting from the author of the technique, Evgenia Ermilova

The art form known as sculptural painting began just a few years ago in Ivanovo, Russia, when artist Evgenia Ermilova began experimenting with palette knives and different types of acrylic plaster pastes. She began working with different formulas of paste, creating designs on custom made wall clocks, panels, mirrors and other interior items. She later worked to create a custom formula of sculptural plaster paste of her name. This signature trademark plaster is now distributed in many parts of the world, and still expanding. 

Evgenia also travels extensively, giving master classes in her techniques.  She has already trained more than 300 masters from Russia, Arab Emirates, Estonia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. A large number of her students give master classes now themselves. Evgenia is a professional artist-colorist, but stresses that learning sculptural painting does not require one to have a formal art education. In fact, one does not even need to be able to draw. She has developed a unique system of teaching, thanks to which everyone can learn basic skills in how to create beautiful flowers from plaster paste in one master class or workshop.



Sculptural painting is an artistic direction that combines the elements of sculpture in the part of the working material - decorative plaster--and painting in the manner of palette-knife painting and impasto painting. The combination of these two elements--sculpture and painting-- creates three-dimensional textures and elements.  It utilizes the principle of "one smear - one element".

This technique is also sometimes called "volumetric" or "relief" painting. The names are different, but the essence of the technique is one - creating voluminous colors (and other images) from volumetric plaster with the help of a palette knife. If you want to get acquainted with this art technique in more detail, please follow Evgenia's  Instagram account - @evgenia_ermilova. Also it will be interesting for you to follow to the official account of Evgenia Ermilova international sculpture painting school, where you will find  information about materials, education, information from partners, art-works of the students etc - @sculpture_painting

Laurel Pulvers studied in Russia in 2018,  and is now the first and only certified instructor in Evgenia's signature technique in the United States.  She studied with Evgenia in private master class in Ivanovo, Russia in May 2018 and then returned to Russia in July 2018 to study further with Anna Stepochkina (one of Evgenia's partners in Russia) . Laurel now teaches workshops and private classes out of her studio in Los Angeles, CA.  She teaches both palette knife skills learned from Evgenia as well as hand-modeling and resin-work skills learned from Anna.

Laurel is also the first and only distributor of Evgenia's signature plaster paste.  Please feel free to email her for more information at sculpturalpaintingusa@yahoo.com. She is available to travel and teach workshops throughout the U.S.

If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor, please contact Laurel at sculpturalpaintingusa@yahoo.com  or Evgenia Ermilova at in-co@mail.ru