"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."--Wm. Shakespeare

Glorious colors dazzle the eye at the moment here in Southern California. 

The sky is a deep blue, without a cloud in sight.  Magenta, Fushia, Deep Periwinkle Blue, Chartreuse, and Watermelon-colored blooms all compete for one's attention.  These are the days for long, slow strolls to take in each flower, each bush and blooming tree.

I created these wall plaques to celebrate glorious spring. They are 7" round wood plaques, meant to hang on the wall and bring a smile each time one passes by.  More are on the way!  And soon I hope to have a limited offering for sale on this website. Stay tuned! 

Please also check out my Instagram page for other creations that highlight the beauty of spring and of sculptural painting and plaster art. 

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