"Blue Belle"is ready for her close-up!

"Blue Belle"is ready for her close-up!


The color blue and I have a long history.

I think it goes all the way back to my first bedroom...in Michigan..moving out of the deep orange bedroom, bunk-beds and all, that I shared with my little sister in the 1970's (those who remember the 70's can relate lol) .  This first bedroom of my own was a bid deal, my first chance to choose my favorite color and create what I wanted in my new personal haven. It was tiny-probably 8' x 10'...but it was all mine.  I remember my mother asking me what color I would like to paint the bare white walls. The choice was clear: Periwinkle blue.  This would be coupled with white furniture, and a white bedspread.  It was during this time that I discovered the music of John Denver and The Beatles.  Here where I doted on my dolls and stuffed animals. 

Fast-forward to teenage years in the 80's. The decade of metal hair bands, General Hospital, and Jordache jeans and my first serious boyfriend. Here again, I chose Periwinkle blue and white for that tiny room above the garage.

Later as an adult in the 90's in Los Angeles, I began a love-affair with blue and white china, decorating my living room walls with second-hand store Delft plates. No garage sale or thrift store was safe! 

Fast-forward to now, when I decided I wanted to do a new plaster piece, something in color, getting away from the all-white Joséphine collection I've been working on for months.  My color choice?   You guessed it-- blue, white, with a touch of purple.  Every time I look at it, it brings me calm and peace.  I hope it does for you as well!

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