Joséphine tray

Joséphine, sweet Joséphine!

I have been busy working on several different projects at the moment. The quarantine has been a strange time-- nights of exciting productivity --followed by three of four full days of loooooonng pauses.  Everyone is telling me that they just can't get a "rhythm" or schedule with the unstructured time we are forced to spend in our homes. Who knew structure would be missed?!  Pre-quarantine days, I remember craving unstructured days where I could just putter in the studio without a thought or schedule to think about.  Ha!  Now I'm lucky if I get 3 household tasks done in a day :).   Jokes aside, I do find that my best productivity comes at night, when I'm not going to be interrupted by anyone or anything...where I can really concentrate.  My goal for some time now has been to create a line of shabby chic housewares to present as a Collection to a designer I greatly admire. Once the quarantine has lifted, let's get this show on the road!   I've named the collection "Joséphine", in honor of Joséphine Bonaparte, a great lover of roses.  

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