Sculptural Painting Blue Roses

Mother's Day is Coming!

I am busy creating pieces intended for purchase on my Instagram and for an upcoming arts fair. Stay tuned.

Spring is in full bloom here in Southern California and daily strolls with my fur-kid are a true delight. Color is bursting everywhere...from hot pink Bougainvillea, to deep magenta roses. Large swaths of buttery yellow-colored Bearded Irises stand tall and en masse.  Pink and white striped Camellias seem to drip from their deep green branches and leaves. It really does bring tears to the eyes...they are just so gorgeous.  Exuberant color everywhere! 

In honor of Spring, I'm offering 50% Off on all Evgenia Ermilova brand colored plaster paste products. Enter discount code: SaveBig50 at check out.  Here's the link to my online store https:

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