New handmade home decor accessories for Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store

"I shouldn't like to go through life without flowers...they are a sign of joy...Flowers, for me, are a great source of inspiration...they bring happiness."--Valentino

This beautiful tray is quite a statement piece. She was a second-hand silver-plate tray, dented and scratched, but with beautiful shape and elegant 2" tall legs.  I just could NOT pass it up.  With plaster paste, time and patience, I hand-shaped rose petals and leaves, creating over-blown, dramatic roses. I've always liked dramatic, oversized flowers when working with plaster.  I also covered the entire tray with a layer of plaster to give it a rustic, tactile look.  It has been sealed and is quite sturdy, made to last a long, long time. This beauty measures 23" long by 17" wide, with 2" tall feet for real drama.  Imagine a vase with flowers placed on it, or a mass of candles, or placed on a coffee table with a few treasured framed photos. 

If this piece interests you, please give Shabby Chic Santa Monica a call for info. (310) 394-1975.  They are the nicest folks and would love to hear from you.

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