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New Year 2021 Sale!

Creamy....smooth...luxurious...sweet smelling... Is this a fancy beauty product I'm describing?  Quite the contrary-- these are words often used to describe the wonderful art plaster offered in my online store. Yes, this is the Evgenia Ermilova's trademark plaster that myself and many others use to create beautiful sculptural paintings.  It comes all the way from the factory in Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

What is sculptural painting, you ask? Why it is a rather new art form that takes its cues from age-old plaster artistry that we admire in beautiful chateaux and stately homes.  Flowers, scrolls, birds, trailing leaves and butterflies...all things decorative and romantic.  This art form utilizes plaster paste and palette knives to sculpt and "paint" onto wood plaques or decorative items.  

Many crafters and artists are discovering just how beautiful and enjoyable creating their own sculptural paintings can be.  I am Evgenia's first and currently only Certified Instructor in the United States and offer her products for purchase on this website in my online store. 

As a toast to the new year, I'm offering 35% off all products until February 28, 2021.  Enter PromoCode: NewYear2021 at checkout to enjoy the savings!

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