Soft as silk

How do you make a hard, stone-like material such as plaster appear soft and ethereal ? This has been my focus lately. With this new rose piece, I was inspired by a Japanese silk flower making technique called “Somebana”. 💐 In fact, I am starting a separate journey now learning Somebana silk flower making with a Russian master, Elena Fiore. I am finding that one art medium can enhance a completely different medium, such as plaster artistry. 💕💕 I’m aiming toward a more “couture “ look to my plaster techniques, less about perfect petal placement and realism and more about the “mood” and personality in what I create. ❤️ So I’m giving you a heads-up dear friends that my posts will begin intermixing my new Somebana silk flower journey with plaster work. I hope it’s something you enjoy following along with me!

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