Spring Has Arrived!

Spring Has Arrived!

Yes, Spring is here and there is much to be grateful for.  2020 is finally in the rear view mirror (for starters!).  With the pandemic's end in sight, there are faint signs of life getting back to normal ... and hope for a better year than last. 

I have been swamped with projects and working while watching a wonderful series on Prime called "Poldark" from Masterpiece Theater. Anyone else loving this series? Total escapism and unapologetically romantic. The story line is set in Cornwall (the Southwest corner of England) in the late 18th Century. If focuses on the life and loves surrounding the handsome protagonist Ross Poldark, a former British soldier.  Fabulous cast, fabulous acting ! The Cornish landscape is stunningly beautiful with windswept cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, quaint towns and gorgeous period costumes.  What a source of inspiration for colors, flowers, decor.  It is a reminder that nature is often the best source of inspiration for creatives. 

So, creatives, with that in mind, I am pleased to announce a continuation of the 35% Off sale of all plaster products and supplies in my online store. It's proven to be quite popular and a way to enjoy Evgenia Ermilova's wonderful sculptural painting plaster products without breaking the bank.   This sale will run through April 30th. 

Enter Discount Code: SpringFling35 at checkout and the savings will be applied.  Shipping of most orders is either $13 for a USPS Priority mail medium flat-rate box (6 jars of 0.5 kg plaster) or $22 for a large USPS Priority mail large flat-rate box (9 jars of 0.5kg plaster).

Click here to see the gorgeous selection of colors available


May your Spring be filled with hope and good health...all my love, Laurel 




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