Hello! My name is Laurel Pulvers, and I am a decorative artist based in Los Angeles, California. Thank you for visiting my site!

A little about me— I have always loved working with my hands.  I grew up in the Midwest in an artistic and creative family.  From early childhood,  I enjoyed playing the piano, creating paper collages, dabbling in painting and drawing, and learning pottery and macrame alongside my grandparents.

Those who know me, know I’ve always felt a kinship to all things French. I speak the language, and enjoy traveling to France as often as possible. My great-grandmother, an elegant woman named Lucienne, came to the States post-WWI after meeting and marrying my American great-grandfather.  

Trips throughout Europe and Asia have fostered my passion for old-world artisanship.  It is simply astonishing what people can create, using the simplest of materials to create timeless pieces of decorative art.  As an adult, my first foray into this world was to study hand-embroidery in France under the tutelage of a noted artisan, Sylvie LeVaillant.  From there, I spent many years taking hand-embroidery commissions from interior and fashion designers.  For more on this, please visit my embroidery website, www.fineembroidery.net  

Then, in 2017, while scrolling through Pinterest, I  came across the gorgeous decorative art form of “sculptural painting”.  This is a relatively new type of decorative plaster artistry, authored by a talented Russian artist named Evgenia Ermilova. Sculptural painting is done with palette knives and unique plaster paste to create "volumetric" or "relief" painting. In 2018, I  reached out to Evgenia and was soon on an airplane to Russia to study one-on-one with her.  I then returned to Russia the same year to study further with Anna Stepochkina (one of Evgenia's partners).  Studying with these ultra-talented women was one of the highlights of my artistic life.

I am now honored to be the first and only certified instructor in Evgenia's Ermilova’s signature technique in the United States.  I am also the first official distributor in the U.S. of Evgenia’s trademark plaster product. 

I teach beginner’s workshops and private classes nationwide now in palette knife skills, hand-modeling and resin-work,  in addition to my own techniques in plaster work. I studied a bit with Diane Phillips, a talented Deco clay artist.  With the goal of learning mold-making, I had the privilege of studying with Ellie Ellis of EliteArtistrybyEllie in Auburn, GA. I’m a new member of IDAL, the International Decorative Artist League, based in Charlotte, NC. 

If you would like to become more acquainted with sculptural painting, please feel free to follow along on Instagram at laurel_pulvers_sculpturepaint and on Facebook: Laurel Pulvers Sculptural Painting. Please also check out Evgenia’s Instagram at Evgenia_Ermilova and her website, Evgenia-Ermilova.ru

Inquiries on how to become a certified Sculptural Painting instructor, and/or distributor in the USA or Internationally are welcome.  Feel free to email me:  sculpturalpaintingusa@yahoo.com


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Email:  sculpturalpaintingusa@yahoo.com