Distributor Opportunities!

Laurel Pulvers Sculptural Painting is looking for co-distributors! Español

It is hard to believe that just one year ago, I had just returned to the U.S. after my second trip to Russia to learn sculptural painting.  I had the good fortune to have studied with Evgenia Ermilova, the creator of this beautiful art form. I also had the good fortune to return to Russia to learn additional skills with Anna Stepochkina, another sculptural painting master.

Evgenia Ermilova now has Certified Instructors and Distributors in the Middle East, Russia, Indonesia, parts of Europe, the UK, China, Japan and India. All this growth has happened rapidly—just in the past 3 years.  The rate of growth has been astonishing! There is still time to take advantage of the momentum. 

It has been an honor to be Evgenia’s first and currently only Official Distributor in the U.S.,  including North, Central and South America.  That’s a big territory!  Therefore, it is with pleasure that I am now accepting offers to co-distribute the Evgenia Ermilova brand within my territory. 

Just recently, I announced the addition of  two new co-distributors, Ms. Shelly Ann Guinn in Canada, and Ms. Clara Weiss Ventura in Chile.  These women fell in love with the extraordinary qualities of Evgenia Ermilova plaster paste products, the same way I did.  They saw the business potential of offering these unique products in their countries.  

I am now accepting inquiries from others looking to co-distribute the Evgenia Ermilova brand both nationally and internationally.  My company and distribution network can help you build your business.  The market is wide-open for growth. I receive individual retail orders nearly every day in my online store. Business will keep growing as new teaching opportunities, and marketing exposure occur.  

Generally speaking, for International Distributors in particular, I am looking for those who want to become both Official Distributors and Certified Instructors.  Distribution and teaching go hand-in-hand.   As the Official U.S. Partner of Evgenia Ermilova,  I am able to teach, mentor and certify Instructors. Please feel free to contact me about the Evgenia Ermilova School Certification process. For U.S. Distribution inquiries, please note that becoming a Certified Instructor is not required.   

I am accepting inquiries from all Provinces, States and Territories of: 

-United States  
-Central America
-South America
-Eastern Canada


Please email inquiries to Ms. Laurel Pulvers at sculpturalpaintingusa@yahoo.com.