Curry - Decorative plaster
Curry - Decorative plaster
Curry - Decorative plaster
Curry - Decorative plaster

Curry - Decorative plaster

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Decorative plaster for sculpture painting "Curry" 

Colored plaster to work in the author's technique of Eugene Yermilova "Sculpture painting" color "Curry".

The word "Karri" in translation means seasoning from a mixture of spices. But the meaning of this word is much broader.

The term "curry" can be understood as: 

1.spetsiya - curry leaves; 
2. A mixture of spices - curry powder, which contains a whole bunch of different seasonings, including garlic, fenugreek, coriander and others; 
3. Curry dish - one of the most common main courses of Indian, Nepalese, Ceylon, Thai cuisines. 
4. color name

The color of “Curry” in the palette of decorative plaster of the brand “Evgenia Ermilova” is a rich warm yellow shade, similar to the color of a mixture of spices based on turmeric.

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** orders above 1500 kg , please email Laurel


Contains natural fibers in its composition, which allows it to hold a volume of up to 3 cm, allows making fine petals, and also gives "shaggyness." Applied with a palette knife.

One kilogram of plaster on average is enough for 2-3 small works.

Detailed information about working with decorative plaster is contained in my video courses .

The shelf life of the plaster in a tightly closed package is up to 2 years. Outdoors dries in 1-7 days depending on the layer. After drying, it becomes firm as a stone. Practically does not shrink. Does not crack when dry, subject to proper drying technology (do not use a building dryer)

Available in plaster colors can be found in the catalog. When thickened, it is possible to add a little water and mix thoroughly, without beating.

After complete drying, it is recommended to cover with matte varnish. This will protect the work from moisture and UV rays.


  • In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  • During the work it is desirable to use gloves and overalls. In case of contact with open skin, wash with warm water and soap.
  • Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Waste plaster can not be drained into the sewer. Dispose of as construction waste.