Online Video Course

Online Video Course

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The long-awaited Online Course in Sculptural Painting is now available for purchase! Low introductory price of $299

This brand-new series comes from the the creator of this gorgeous art form, artist Evgenia Ermilova. 

What you get:

8 separate projects that are purchased as a bundle:  

-Beginning Palette Knife Skills 
-Simple Flower 

- And the grande finale: a gorgeous Wall Clock project 

This new course runs from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours each.  The course is in Russian with English subtitles and provide outstanding, clear instructions.  It’s a great introduction to sculptural painting and is yours to keep.  

No complicated download is necessary. 

*Please allow 3-4 business days to process your order to receive your course"

*Please note that this Course can only be used on one computer that you choose to download it on.  The computer must be either a laptop or a desktop. Tablets and smart phones can not be used to use the course.


Plaster products, wood plaques, knives and mats are purchased separately on my website. Come see the gorgeous colors available.  I am offering options of a Deluxe Kit, Basic Kit or the option to simply order plaster and wood plaques à la carte.