Online Video Course

Online Video Course

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The long-awaited Online Course in Sculptural Painting is now available for purchase! Low introductory price of $395

This brand-new series comes from the the creator of this gorgeous art form, artist Evgenia Ermilova. 

What you get:

8 separate projects that are purchased as a bundle:  

-Beginning Palette Knife Skills 
-Simple Flower 

- And the grande finale: a gorgeous Wall Clock project 

This new course runs from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours each.  The course is in Russian with English subtitles and provide outstanding, clear instructions.  It’s a great introduction to sculptural painting and is yours to keep.  

Upon purchase, customers receive a serial number and password by email within 24 hours. Enter these on the link provided and Voilà! - begin! 

No complicated download is necessary. 

Plaster products, wood plaques, knives and mats are purchased separately on my website. Come see the gorgeous colors available.  I am offering options of a Deluxe Kit, Basic Kit or the option to simply order plaster and wood plaques à la carte.